Network/replicator memory leak crashes servers over time

Around approximately 25th of June both of my games started experiencing servers crashing.

Servers seem to crash due to high memory, which made it so i originally thought its a memory leak on my side, which lead to further experiments. As a part of that i noticed that the more people are on the server the more likely it is to crash.

Here are both games where i got reports of servers crashing:
First game: OneSkyVed's Trolleybuses Place (indev) - Roblox

With first game its simple, i did not update it in any way at the moment when servers started crashing, meaning it was not caused by my scripts and started happening by itself. Additionally recently i did not get reports of it crashing at all, so maybe in first game it got fixed by itself

Second game: Automatic Moscow metro - Roblox

Second game was the one where i did ALL of my experiments, that means everything i will mention below is related only to second game, as i did not do any experiments in first one

Warning: everything that comes below is not information in which im completely sure, because i have no adequate way to test out what actually causes the crash

I suspect this issue might be caused by opportunistic streaming, because thats the only thing my 2 games have in common.

When i join a big server i notice 2 unusual things:

  • UntrackedMemory sometimes uses 1-2gb of memory, but it also drops down over time meaning that when needed it clears itself up(?)
  • network/replicator is mostly around 100-300mb, but sometimes it decides to skyrocket and this is when the server crashes. On a screenshot below you can see how it skyrockets and then drops back, sometimes it successfully returns to normal values

    Second screenshot below shows how network/replicator looks like when server crashed

    Third screenshot of crash message: (if you try to join a server that crashed it kicks with error code 17)

UPD: after more detailed look, at first something adds up to UntrackedMemory, then when UntrackedMemory starts going down, network/replicator starts skyrocketing. after that it stops and UntrackedMemory goes up again. Over time it becomes too high and crashes the server with next network/replicator spike
UPD2: it seems like server tries to keep track of area that each player loaded before (even if it was unloaded) which with big playercounts seems to create these issues. I will try to do some experiments with reducing amount of instances as a workaround
UPD3: lowering amount of instances did not fix network/replicator spiking, but it certainly did provide more memory for these spikes, so theres a smaller chance of server crashing

I did conduct a bunch of experiments where i completely disabled scripts that handle server/client communication (anything related to remoteevents) and server crashed anyways.

I have no replication steps nor reproduction file as this issue is caused by something going wrong with network/replicator, which is tied to other people spending time in the game. Usually servers crash after around 15-60 minutes after their launch.
Both games have opportunisting streaming enabled


Thanks for the bug report. We are investigating.

Looking at some stats we have it does appear that at least for the 7038896859 place that we are often seeing instances that are being streamed out on clients that we don’t expect to see streamed out. This could happen, for example, if an instance was originally in ReplicatedStorage is then reparented into the workspace under a player. Is that something you are doing in local scripts?

We advise against reparenting things from ReplicatedStorage into workspace:

Feel free to message me directly if you prefer not to share details here.

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Following up on this!

After a discussion between our engineers and OP!
The developer figured it out, and let us know it was because he was generating way too many updates that it ended up overwhelming the Network layer’s egress queue.

Closing this thread based on the above!


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