Never look here again

hello my name is dodosnicker i am a small builder i have been working on building for 1 year and I am for hire


I am totally free


I have nothing yet but coming soon


contact me here on dev forums or message me on roblox

when i am free

you can contact me anytime i can work on tuesday and thursday and weekends


message me if you would like to hire me


I think you should have some pictures or evidence of your work, even if it’s small.


ik i am trying to put some stuff


Don’t make a portfolio twice. It makes it look like you are desperate for commissions.

this was a long time ago man i didnt mean to post again

Change the title to “deleted” and remove the description.

Hi, Can you make ocean assets for me?

That would be really helpful.

Hello so I am currently not free anymore if you still want it message me back

Can I be a Build your game? I think I am good at Builder.

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He wants people to hire him, not hire you.

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Oh, k. Sorry, I don’t know that.


Yeah and it’s ok!!! Np!!!

So basically, you have an incorrect portfolio stating that your free, but now you are not free even though it says you are, and on top of that you have no work to show? Thanks, but I’ll pass

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