New AI Scripting Assistant Plugin [BETA]


I’m currently developing an AI scripting assistant plugin to predict what you’re programming and suggest blocks of code.

Here’s it in action:

Its currently without charge so feel free to download and leave your opinions!

Any support from watching the video / downloading the plugin with notes of improvement would be super helpful!

If you’re interesting in the project It would be great to hear as I need to understand the demand for the plugin.


The name is kind of misleading though, it’s not really AI assisting you.

These keywords are what you made and what you assume, not on a neural network.

Cool though.

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No but it follows the basic concepts of an AI

It still uses training. Its just a different way for deep learning.

Looks interesting. How limited is this, though? Does it require you to input a recommendation every time?

I just give it lots of premade scripts and it compares them to what the user is typing and suggests it if it relates.