New and Improved (?) Game Logos

Here is the new logo and thumbnail for my game: Bagel Bakery Simulator. Any feedback? Let me know plz. :grinning:

Logo before

New logo

Square icon before

New square icon

EDIT: Here’s the LATEST square icon

Latest icon

I made the square icon less about explaining the name of my game (which is under the icon anyways) and more eye-catching/unique. Thoughts?


I like your new icon and logo!

But in my opinion, there’s a bit too much going on in the new icon, I get that you wanted it to look unique but it just looks a bit chaotic with the repeated text. I’d suggest keeping the new icon’s layout but removing the repeated bagels and instead putting the name of your game in the center.

Keep it up :happy3:


In the logo, the mini bagels in the background kind of look like Cheerios. That may just be me (lol)

I love your icon. It reminds me of a fashion icon… just with the repetition of the words. I noticed a small black speck under the “e” in “Bagel.” Is that on purpose?

Keep up the hard work! This looks awesome.


Big improvement, although the icon seems like it really wants your attention.
I would just stick to one big text

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I love the repeated text, to be honest. Eye-catching and humorous, and it definitely makes it more unique. Sure, it may be a bit chaotic, but there’s nothing wrong with that! Some people may find it off-putting like the replies above but that’s because it’s just an unusual design to come across on Roblox, but I can assure you that it’s common everywhere else. You’re thinking outside the blox!

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thanks for the feedback, now that I look at it, it does look pretty chaotic. I may change it later, but I think I’ll keep it for now as I still think it’s eye-catching

I really liked the second one! , :grinning:.


yeah they are actually a lot like cheerios lol. The black mark is a mistake though (may fix it if I decide not to be lazy). Thanks for the encouragement!

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“thinking outside the blox”

I reread this and only noticed it now. Well played…

I appreciate your view, I don’t think any another game has a repeating word logo like this (tell me if one does though, don’t want to be sued lol)

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I’ll change it if it becomes too annoying for me, thanks for letting me know your opinion!

In my honest opinion, I find your creations significant. I just can’t really read the text. Although, the “New Square Icon” looks appealing to me.

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Any logo with the word bagel in it can’t go wrong, even if it’s made in ms paint, but this is definitely above and.l beyond ms paint. However, in the repeated text I noticed some small black smudged under the e’s?

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bro the new icon looks so good, I was amazed and captivated with the new logo, great idea using bagels as a vignette, the repeated bagels in background just looks yummm, the fire behind the text oh yeah

as for the new square icon, it looks okay (idk probably im looking it big) it looks it tries to be ostentatious, the color scheme seems to be a tid bit obnoxious for me.
but predominantly it looks great you have great talent, please keep improving i want to commision you

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ha someone already mentioned that; I’ll fix it now

too kind wanting me to do a commission, I’d probably delay it indefinitely lol. I’ll try reducing the number of times the square icon says bagels to 3, see how that looks.

I really like the new icons more than the old icons. Great work!

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thank you! I actually updated the square logo again; check my edit

I must say, I do like the new square icon more than the latest icon. The latest has too big of a low quality bagel if you get what I mean. Also, the new square icon has a lot more variety of bagels than the latest. I personally like the new square icon a lot more but you can choose whichever you want.

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Thanks for the feedback. I agree the new icon has a lower quality bagel and less stuff going on, but I feel like that’ll make it stand out more among the other games’ icons (and the lower-quality image won’t be as visible since the icon will be smaller among the other games)