New and improved Roblox plugin animator!

My friend recommended to me to check out his Animation Plugin. I thought I would share some feature highlights for you guys; it’s really amazing.

Multi rig support.

Numpad shortcut control.

Easily move keyframes around.

Change properties of multiple keyframes at once.

Labels can run code and make your animation previews a lot more dynamic.

Dynamic time ticks when zooming in and out of your animation.

Multiple ways to seemlessly scrub through your animation.

Import your ROBLOX animations to the plugin.

An example animation made with the plugin.

Theme support.

Check it out:


Should honestly replace the default one because the default is so clunky

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I think that’s mostly due to the fact that it doesn’t use context menus and uses unintuitive shortcuts instead of being compatible with the standard ones. But yeah, this UI is sweet – would not object to the official animator looking like this.

I’ve been following development of this on twitter and it looks really awesome! If he can add tweening properties (brickcolor, for instance), changing Part0/Part1 mid-animation, and IK I’m going to consider trashing ScriptOn’s Animator v5.5.


Wow I can’t wait to try this out, Good job!

Edit: Sorry for bumping, just really am impressed.

Thanks for the bump. I just saw this. Looks sick.

Local rotation seems to be a bit broke. Still rotates around the original arm placement and rotation handles don’t snap to the part’s location. (Rotation parameter probably shouldn’t be exclusively regarding the handles.)