New Animation Editor Announcement



There’s just so much whitespace it bothers me. lol


Can we get a dark mode pls?


Dark Mode is coming soon.


Awesome, thanks :heart:


Dark mode for the entire studio or just the editor? :^)


So happy about hte major upgrades to the Roblox animation editor!


This is an awesome update to the animation editor plugin. :smiley:


:heart_eyes: I always felt the old animation editor would crumble in my hands if I pulled on it too hard


omg so much M O D E R N ! ! ! x D


yeah this one crumbles without much pulling

they need to fix these bugs asap


This new UI is very nice, and I do appreciate the fact that the feature to toggle selecting invisible parts or not has been fixed since the last editor, however,

The fact that the animation editor is now a draggable panel is nice and all, except the ability to dock it so that it doesn’t interfere with the main viewport actually does interfere with the viewport. I have to take up much more of the main view that it’s now only around 20% of what I’m looking at on studio, including the minimum size I can put the explorer and properties tabs at.

If I put this new animation editor to a size that is comfortable being able to control the movements while controlling keyframes, it becomes too small of a view for the animation editor to be able to function properly.

It would be nice if a feature could be included to be able to adjust everything in order for both views to cooperate, and to accommodate the amount of space that is on my screen as I am using a 1600 x 900 monitor.


You can try adjusting the Camera’s FieldOfView to make it look more centralized.


probs all offset sizing


One thing that has been bothering me about the animation editor is the inability to select multiple keyframes. Not only that, but quickly selecting multiple keyframes at once (like selecting a whole row that are on the same point in the timeline). This task becomes extremely tedious when it comes to editing easing options, moving keyframes, and deleting keyframes. These small shortcuts drastically improve workflow consistency.

Speaking of moving keyframes, It doesn’t seem like you’re able to move keyframes into a new position on the timeline. There should be a simple way of moving keyframes freely, gives more room to fix mistakes.

Also more easing options would be great as well.

But overall, the new UI feels great, it feels a lot more interactive and solid than the previous one. Although there are a few things that could be improved which a few people already mentioned, like the editor taking up most of the screen space.

The timeline starts a bit too low on the overall editor in my opinion (red arrows indicating wasted space). Things like the “Name” tab can be completely removed as this seems unnecessary and serves no real purpose than taking up a whole row of UI space.
Not sure if anything can be done about the “File, Edit, Settings” tab, but perhaps a minimize feature that temporarily gives you a bit more space would be nice.

The white grid that appears under the rig should have an option to be turned off. Personally it sometimes gets in the way and with custom rigs the grid is sometimes offset vertically leaving the grid stuck to my rigs legs:


Clicking and holding on the grey part of the timeline doesn’t initiate the scrubber to free-scrub, this only works when directly clicking on the blue scrub bar. In my opinion this should still work when clicking and holding on the grey area.

These black lines (and the feint grey lines on the keyframe UI) don’t seem to be lining up with the seconds on the timeline. It makes the keyframe positioning feel very odd:

Edit: Spelling mistakes.


Thanks for the great feedback! We’ll look into everything you mentioned.


Much more precise animating, :+1:


This looks great! I can’t wait to use this once I get back to animating when I need to :slight_smile:


Yes, if you could look into it, the lack of selecting an entire keyframe is something that will really slow down my work flow. Just a few cases where it is useful, making sure looped animations match you need to duplicate the starting entire keyframe with the last keyframe. Also sometimes you will set a ‘generic’ roughed out keyframe, and paste it at different places in the timeline, then modify it. For animations “such as my Cecaelia” morph, thats 8 legs, with each having 6 joints… thats a LOT of individual poses to select and copy for the keyframe.


oh my god yes. YES


This looks really nice, however I’ve noticed that with this version, you’re unable to rename Keyframes? Unless that’s been moved elsewhere and I’m just unable to find it.