New Animation Editor Announcement



I can’t wait to use this :star_struck:

Will inverse kinematics ever be something we can use in this new editor? Perhaps some sort of attachment or constraint we could apply to characters for it? A feature we could use to keep a character’s limbs in a certain orientation would be super useful as well, for example: keeping a character’s foot level with the ground and in the same place.


That will be in the next Roblox studio release, early next week.


While this is definitely a step in the right direction, but I have experienced tons of problems already that I didn’t have with the old editor.

  • Using keyboard controls applies in studio (i.e. crtl + c, crtl + v will copy and paste your rig, not the keyframe)
  • Cant copy multiple keyframes at once. This is useful for looping animations (copying your keyframes from 0.00 to the end of your animation)
  • Cant move keyframes at all? What?

Without these simple things this editor kinda sucks… The old system where all keyframes being at a certain time being grouped together on a line was pretty useful when wanting to change your animations flow, etc. I cant see that being an option with the current state of this editor.

Disclaimer: I may just be an idiot and Im just not doing it right?


I don’t actually like the fact that keyframes were grouped together, it just creates a clutter mess when you have multiple keyframes within short distances of each other. They should move freely independently as an individual keyframes. This will also make a lot more sense when we’re able to actually move keyframes. Makes it look a lot cleaner and organized as well.


Perhaps being able to select multiple keyframes with crtl/shift clicking would be a compromise then.


Yes, definitely agree, as I’ve also stated earlier in this thread.


Is it possible to see the ability to move keyframe groups in this new UI like the old one? That feature was very useful, and I can’t seem to find it on this new editor.


that ol razzle dazzle


Get rid of these vestigial menus. I can’t change the increment or save any of my work because these buttons are hovering over other Active areas (ie. I can’t actually click the button).

Is there an older version that I can revert to out there? This is literally unusable and should not have been released at its state.


Clicking on Okay or Cancel should not click through to the UI behind it. We’ll look into fixing this if it is clicking through


I think the new UI looks really modern and nice, fitting in with the rest of ROBLOX studio.

I’m a little confused as to why an animation is playing without it passing over the keynote. When you drag the scrub bar, the keynote does not activate/play, however, upon playing the animation, the part of the character will move almost immediately.


I have a modified version of the old one located here:

Hopefully it still works after the release of the current version. :slight_smile:

It removes the grid, though!


Not all heroes wear capes


I made this before the new version. lol


IK is on the roadmap :slight_smile:


not the best looking editor but it looks m od ern


UI is really clean but stripping out some of the basic features in the old editor basically makes this new one useless, not to mention several bugs that make trying to use it more of a hassle

-Can’t drag entire keyframes
-Can’t duplicate entire keyframes
-Can’t copy/paste multiple poses at once
-Can’t move poses once they are placed
-Poses don’t snap to whatever time the scrubber is at


I love the looks, but there’re a couple of major issues: We cannot copy or paste keyframes. We have to go through individual body parts, and we also cannot select multiple body parts. This really slows things down. Please consider bringing these to the new plugin. Thank you for this lovely new project!


It looks wonderful, and I love that the older things are being updated, but I have to agree with posters above, that this should not have been released unless all the critical issues are fixed or we have an option to use an older version. This has literally brought my work on animations for my new morphs to a halt. Is there any estimated time frame when a new release with (hopefully) most of these severe issues fixed?


Oh, that’s great to hear, looking forward to it so I can make proper use of this. Thanks for the quick response!