[NEW] Architect Simulator (how to advertise my game)

I just made a new simulator game where you collect fragments, sell it and buy a block that can be used to build anything in your plot

this is my first released game, i need feedback and help on how to advertise my game :slight_smile:


Hi there

Typically you’d be best off promoting the game via social medias; either from videos you make yourself, or you can try get Youtubers of any size to play your game (Email / DM them)

You can also dump some Robux into advertising your game on the platform; However unless you are ready to sacrifice a large sum of Robux + gamble you have some luck on your side, you won’t really see the growth you’d want

So feel free to do whatever you want. The same advertising won’t work on all games, so figure out what your key audience wants.

Hope this helped in some way :smile:

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hey do you know any youtubers that can promote my game?