New asset manager

I had a question on how to use the new asset manager to import meshes.

I usually import whole pieces of models I make in blender with it importing around 20+ per time. Before all I had to do was shift and select all the models that appeared at the end and then import it. Now I need to search up individually every models because its in alphabetical order, and I cant find most of my models in the thousands of parts I imported. I’m not going to individually search up every part i make because thats a huge waste of time, and I cant even mass select models from the asset manager anymore with shift.

Are there any fixes to this? Could I revert back to when models got imported in chronological order into the asset manager instead of into alphabetical? And shift to select multiple models at a time?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I would also like to return the old manager.
Moreover, “Badges” and “Developer Product” are gone.
Yes, if only because of such a small detail as a long name.
It was just that “Assets” did not produce such a picture:
Moreover, now there are errors too:
[Russian]Мне тоже хотелось бы вернуть старый менеджер.
Да ещё и пропали “Badges” и “Developer Product”.
Да хотя бы из-за такой маленькой детали, как длинное название.
Просто “Assets” не выдавало такую картинку

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