New at scripting need help

I have learnt building now I wanna learn to script so I can create my own

issue is that I don’t know how to script and no tutorials help me So devforum is some where i think i will get some help [NOTE] It will be help full if you teach me :slight_smile:

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Maybe try watching AlvinBlox’s videos on scripting. They really help.

I have but i didn’t get much out of it

There are a lot of posts asking how to begin scripting. Please search before posting.

I have but couldn’t find one so thats why i posted

Here are some resources.


Thx alot :slight_smile: This might help

Maybe…or maybe not :slight_smile:

It got hidden and locked, but this should help.

Uhm what is CKstudio plus? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes. It teaches you how to script by giving you practice scenarios.

Oh does it teach faster or normal

Have you checked this? :thinking:

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No i have not but i will see it

I book marked it I will check it after i check other resources people gave me

The Way I learned is Actually Following the Video as it goes in studio its the best way to actually making your mind know the functions and memorize basic things as you know “Practice Makes It Perfect” :smiley:

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I got a bad mined i keep forgeting sutff

Hello, here are my tips. For me, youtube videos did not work at all. It taught me nothing, and it did not make sense to me. If the videos work for you, then you can continue. But, if you don’t feel like they are making an impact, then don’t waste your time on them. You should stick to the devforum API and creating small projects. While you are doing these small projects, don’t take a free model script and just paste it in. Make sure you actually understand what everything is doing. You don’t necessarily have to finish those small projects, as it is just for learning purposes.

I am not doing scripting lessons. However, if you need any small help or clarification on something then contact me:
a person#8122


I watch TheDevKing & GnomeCode (they were both helpful to me)
Its good to review tutorials of a few people to see if the majority of them say one thing about the same thing. Its easy(ish) at first, then it gets more complex, but you’ll start to learn.

I also recommend making a game (with notes in the scripts) displaying EVERY function of scripting you learn so then you can reference back to it.

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