New Bangar SCP Game?

In this past few weeks I have been making on probably the best game I’ve ever made. Build styles are realistic and lowpoly and the overall game’s idea seems pretty good. It is basically a Roblox SCP game, not roleplay, and heavily inspired by SCP-3008 but with some other features. In my opinion the game is pretty unique, I’m not gonna tell you the idea of the game just yet, but as soon as the game is almost done, I will. A sneak peak on the build:

I will send an update every week hopefully and tell me some feedbacks and ideas on the comment or on my Discord: Phroakie#4122


I don’t know how to tell you this but… That is still a low poly build just with textures.

Not trying to be rude, but this doesn’t look that impressive.

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It is because most of the props are randomly generated.

These really seem like opposite styles to me, because one emphasizes detail and the other emphasizes lack of detail. How are you going to go about combining them?


I wanted to say that it is in the middle of them.

It really isn’t in between both of them, the only area with a slightly higher amount of tris would be that crack.

Now, I’m not deep into SCP fandom, but you’re not only drawing ideas from a bloated fandom with many fan groups and games on Roblox already, but you’ve chosen the exact same monster(?) as the most popular SCP game on Roblox, “3008” which is sitting at a comfy 29,000 concurrent players and 620 million visits. This does not sound like a good formula for a “unique” experience.