New bar feedback needed!

Hello! I’m looking for some feedback on my bar and stage! Please go and check it out!

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Its very bland. Add some tiny details and it will look good.

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Simplistic is the word I’m assuming your going for - it’s too basic and bland it’s very unfinished and not much can be said about this I would recommend adding your own decorations and simple designs before asking for feedback. I’d add more detail to the floor or add different shades of colors and add proper decorations, so it generally looks poor when no details are added whatsoever.

The bar is flat and not roof is added. This gives the place not much effort has been put into it i would try using reference images for finding decorations and different things you want to add it’ll improve it a bit more.

Improve the scene which well overall increase more realism to the place.

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Greeting! Yeah, I am sure that it took some time, but it is just boring…one color, same material, and no details. But good start.

Theres not much in the bar and it looks unfinished. it could use a lot more detail. Make some decorations and use different colors and materials. And it should look better.

thanks! :slight_smile::slight_smile:

I did make it in 5 mins! :expressionless: remember that!

the countertop is slightly floating

It’s very bland and unfinished.

You really should spend more time on this instead of rushing it out for feedback.