New Beach House Feedback

I listened to you guys and your constructive criticism. Please let me know what you guys think!


First off let me say that I really like the overall build and shape of this. As far as criticism goes, I think you should work on the lighting a bit in the “garage” area, image

Secondly, I think most of the time the balcony-type doors are French Style doors (two doors that meet in the middle) so you could maybe add that on the balcony instead of the current door for a realistic effect.

Lastly, I think the second floor looks really empty right now. You could possibly add a sofa, television, rugs, just stuff to fill the space.

Hope this helped!


I am going to work on lighting and decorations just was trying to get the main foundation first! I really appreciate the feedback though, I am gonna look into the doors right now.

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Maybe add a second door opposing the front door to make the whole structure feel connected, as well as take advantage of all that empty space on the second floor. Other than that, I really love the exterior, and as someone who spent a good chunk of his childhood on the coast, you’ve really captured the essence of those south coastal beach-houses. Awesome job man, keep it up!

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Maybe you could add something here;
Like a deck chair?

On the patios, I would add some railings for extra detail. Also, on the lower patio, I would add a ceiling light and some chairs with a table in between them.You could even add some shrubs around the outside of the lower patio. Overall, it looks nice thus far!

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This is a very nice build so far and are you planning on adding some scenery so perhaps some palm trees or such.You should also try and make a road as well so it doesn’t look like it’s some abandoned house in the Saharan desert aha.

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Looks good!

  • Maybe add some carpet inside as currently it looks unfinished with just concrete:

  • It also look a little unfurnished. Maybe add lamps or a TV.

  • Wall Paintings / photos.

  • Window Blinds.

  • A car in the garage.

  • Maybe add some more detail around the area like trees, lights, rocks, chairs, paths ect.

Hope some these Helped. Well done!

You are definitely really going some place with the interior design, although the outside is particularly bland. Not sure if you are planning to put something on the outside of it, I think the scenery would really put this over the top.

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I am! I was just getting the base laid out before I did anything else!

That’s great, I recommend sketching it out to see how everything looks :smiley: