NEW BETA Dragger Quol Feedback and SUGGESTIONS!

As you guys know, Roblox has released Dragger Quol Improvements on beta. I’m going to provide pros, cons, and suggestions for this new fantastic beta feature.


  • The rotation is very cool
  • The keybinds are excellent!
  • The ruler needs work but has use cases.


  • Incomplete ruler on entire blocks
  • Sometimes the ruler doesn’t show dots
  • The ruler takes up too much of the screen.


Incomplete ruler
As you can see, the ruler is incomplete. It only extends toward half. However, this situation dismisses situations where users have 2 blocks they are trying to align!

Make the ruler only visible when in use
Currently, the ruler is always visible. Instead of it being mandatory, it should only show up when users are trying to align parts.

Snapping to the grid on aligned parts on the ruler
Fixing minor differences to snap to the grid when a user is trying to align a part to another part can be a huge time saver. This would make it so they share the same axis except for the one they are manipulating. Make sure to provide visual representation to show the objects are being alligned.

Ability to customize ruler appearance
Being able to edit the spacing, and dot appearance can add a layer of personalization to this feature. It can allow more flexibility in other use cases.

Additional things that would be SO helpful!

Thank you for reading my input on this new feature. I hope this was helpful and informative.

Indicating the datatype of values by hovering over them would be so helpful. For example, when you hover over over size it says udim2. It can currently be a hastle when you forget datatypes to have to look up documentation. This saves a lot of time!

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Please don’t post this in #development-discussion and instead use #help-and-feedback . Thanks!

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Actually… it’s better that this suggestion goes in the announcement thread since it’s still in beta and the staff involved with the update are active in there.

do you want me to just copy and paste my entire thing in there?

If you want. The feedback is better suited being there.

Feature requests belong in topics, not in announcement replies, Sure, You can link your topic, but please don’t make the topic in the announcement replies

“I CaNt AcCeSs FeAtUrE ReQuEsTs” is just an excuse, Just contact @Bug-Support and they will put it there if you bump it

They’re giving feedback for a specific feature about what should be added to it, thus it should go in the announcement as a reply. They’re not suggesting a new feature entirely. And also, @/bug-support is not really intended for feature requests.