(New!) Beta Testing for Weapon Heaven

Who am I?

Hi, I am Minecrablox, a highly motivated game developer that intends to make games fun for everyone and in regards to my massive imagination. I am currently forming a team called Vortex Studios where our motto is to inspire developers.

Before I prompt beta testing, I would like for you to gain details of my project below:

What am I working on?

I am currently working on a project I’ve wanted to perform for a couple of years called Weapon Heaven, a game that was worked on for almost a year.

What is Weapon Heaven?

Weapon Heaven is a game where you get to collect many weapons and battlecards to fight strat-based enemies and bosses that are encountered from large explorable areas. The intention of the game is for players to become the strongest weapon fighters around and defeat evil. Most weapons are unique and function differently as well as different stats for each. For example, the Katana weapon attacks fast but does little damage, while the Sledge Hammer attacks slow, but is more punishing. Battlecards are cards you can collect only from enemies, and they assist you in combat. There are two types: Auras and Abilities. Aura cards can affect weapon stats or do a certain action when using swinging a sword, hitting an enemy, and whatnot. Abilities are actions that can be caused when activating them manually. For example, Flamer is an aura card where you have a chance of igniting an enemy on fire when striking them with a sword, and Thunder is an ability card that can smite the nearest enemy with a lightning bolt.

There was a lot to explain there, but just giving you a heads up of what this game is all about.

Is the game done?

Heavens no! This game is far from done; however, it is open for beta testing. The game has at least two different large areas to conquer, 35+ unique weapons, and 15+ battlecards to start with. During the beta, there will be more features to be implemented. There are currently no badges as they can be implemented during future beta testing.

Where do I start?

You can start now by trying to test this game below:

It is suspected that there will be bugs presented. So if you found any bugs or have suggestions you would like me to consider, you can let me know by replying to me here or joining one of our media to do that.

Are there any game passes or products?

There are currently no passes or products available at the moment. My intention is to make sure the game is playable for most testers before implementing any products available for purchase. I do not wish to make games pay-to-win.

Any questions?

Feel free to talk about your questions, comments, and concerns right here! It is also worth mentioning if this is the most appropriate topic.

why no mobail support :rage:

I’m sorry for your troubles.

You will be able to play this game on mobile, but there can be some issues that can differ from the desktop platform, such as auto-firing weapons and prices for upgrades not showing. I will soon make this game more support in mobile during beta testing. Starting now.

it is physically impossible to play it on a mobile, you need to allow mobile players to join first

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Will do, I will make sure that I implement full mobile support before releasing for mobile. Thanks for your feedback.

i mean i cant test the game as it won’t let me join since i am on mobile

There were also some issues presented while playing mobile myself such as not being able to equip weapons on Hotbar. I should have looked further on that. Do not worry as I can get most of this addressed today and tomorrow. Again, I do not mean to trouble you, this is my first time promoting testing.

Hey Testers,

I’m sorry if the updates are taking longer than it should be because I am the only one working on them with careful consideration, and I have other things going on. I don’t want you to think that the game was cancelled either way, it will grow momentarily, but it takes time. The update for advanced mobile support, weapon engine fixes, and other improvements will come soon.

Take care!

New Update is out now.

Mobile support has been implemented and there are more improvements toward ranged weapons and ground-pounding. More will come soon when the game grows a little.