New bug preventing everyone to upload bundles and heads

Hi, I noticed today that Roblox thinks I have no FACS Data or less than 17 and I can tell you it’s not true.
Also many people are stuck with this error since several days.
For proof, I attempted to reupload an old bundle (no static head) which is already in the marketplace and I got the same FACS data error.
Also everyone is confused about that in the guilded server :

I can tell you for my last bundle head I have all the base poses :

I verified one by one. If you want to be sure I’m not wrong, you can use a template from the docs and try to upload it directly.
You’ll see that it won’t work.

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this issue should be fixed now. If possible can you give me some of the head fbx files which were failing, so we can investigate further


Yes I can give in private message


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