New bundles are displayed as content deleted even when they got approved

Hello I think my bundle got approved because I can’'t use it in game, but the main icon displays a content deleted, it gives me a big disadvantage to sell it if people thinks they can’t use it…

Thank you for your report. We are actively investigating this bug and will circle back with an update in a couple of hours.

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Okay thank you I give you my roblox bundle link if you can fix the thumbnail :slight_smile: Final version Ryxku Robot - Roblox

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Hi team - we have fixed this issue for your reported bundles above and have identified the root cause and fixed it going forward as well.

Additional bundles created in the interim will be okay, but there may be bundles prior to this fix that are in this broken state. Do let us know if you have any that you’d like us to fix (this thread is great). Thank you


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