New cafe I'm working on

I’m working on a new cafe called Tropical’s I would like some feedback on what should I improve on or add


I like it!

I would like to see the map more… unlocked?

What I mean is, you have all the space on the island, use it! Put in some more trees, vegetation, plants, etc.

Very good build! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


I like it but it seems too mediocre. I recommend making it more unique. I would like to see a different terrain. Personally, I wouldn’t like having to walk all the way up to the cafe. Great looking building tho.

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Oh Alright I will fix the lamppost thank you!

Thank you I will try adding more details.

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Try adding some bushes in the front entrance and overall around the island. If this will be tropical then try to add some beach umbrellas on the patio area. Besides that it looks pretty good! :+1:

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great work!

  • i see that the pattern of trees doesn’t give the island reality.
  • the blue lamp doesn’t suit or it’s not a good place for it.
  • if you could make the paths curving it would make it more perfect.
    that’s all i can say,also i encourage you on the design of building it’s fresh and give you good feelings to drink you own coffee there :coffee:
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I like the idea, however there are many things which could be improved on before release… Before anything, consider if you was a user joining for the first time, does it ‘Wow’ you? You should give the cafe a more realistic feel such as a more defined roof, not using so many basic shapes such as just square for the decking. I would suggest adding a fencing too around the decked area. I see on the top floor many tables, if you want that feel of a cafe you need it to not be bland but have open space for some movement… this isn’t a restaurant build like you stated ‘New cafe’. Another suggestion would be too add internal supports such as pillars or more around specific areas like the inside VIP seating (personal preference however I seem to find it working greatly). You also used the same colour and material a lot, try to use different colours such as greys to add depth and also I would say the brick texture works fantastic in these cafe builds. With the exterior and the island, you should try to add more vegetation such as a larger variety of tree which also looks compatible with the island idea (palm trees which are coloured to match the theme, or even pointy head trees if you want a mountainous rustic style) if that is what you are going for, again personal preference. I suggest to make the spawn decking more detailed too as first looks always count with new visitors, using same basic simplistic colours doesn’t always appeal (definitely in my opinion). My last point covers lighting, experiment with different colour corrections, blurs and sun ray effects to maximise that ‘wow’ feeling for the users. Along with the other suggestions on here I agree with majority of them too. Despite all that above, if this is one of your first cafe builds I would say this looks great for that type of skill level. Keep working hard and it does pay off! Good luck on your next builds and future career in development!

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