New Category: Bulletin Board


Hey Developers,

As you have seen, we have recently released a new category on the Developer Forum which is intended to provide players and developers with a temporary solution to posting announcements and documentation for groups, change logs for games, and other important community management documentation. We understand the diverse communities on Roblox need a place to create persistent announcements, and we are working on providing a more permanent home for this type of content.

For the time being, this category will likely be overwhelmed with threads, as many of our users want to transition Roblox forum posts documenting group affairs, patch notes, etc. to this new category. We apologize for any inconveniences that this influx of posts may cause our forum members. For those who do not wish to have notifications pop up from the bulletin board, you have the ability to mute entire categories. To do this, click on the rectangular button (depicting a circle) to the right of the “+ New Topic” button.


The Bulletin Board category has been hidden from the homepage of the Roblox Developer Forum, as we do not believe this category provides content that all members wish to read and be updated on. Both basic and full members of the Roblox Developer Forum will be able to post in this category. To share your announcements with your community, you should link them directly to the thread you have created. You can still access it with the direct link:

If you have not yet read, the Bulletin Board has been created as a response to feedback collected from the announcement of changes to the public Roblox forums, which can be found here.

If you are looking for more information about the bulletin board category, you can read our about thread here.

Developer Relations Team


The bulletin board has been a very helpful tool so far for us to communicate information - it’s like setting threads without replies and it supports formatting too. Thanks!


Awesome! This was one of the few reasons why I ever used the public forums other than trolling and meming.


Me 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time was me digging through old scripting posts when I’m trying to figure something out.