New Category Is Blank

Pretty self explanatory.

It’s almost all nothing. @BanTech can confirm this too. I did not press “Dismiss New.”


Can confirm as well, there were 100 new posts and now there’s 13. My only reason is that someone reloaded the forum, but that cant be the case because it averages about a post every 5 minutes, normally its 5 posts a minute.

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I can confirm, I get most of my fresh content from the New page and I feel empty. Clicking onto Latest just feels wrong to me


I agree clicking on latest feels wrong

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I checked on, but before I ignored all the new ones i scrolled all the way down and there were only a couple dozen topics, the one at the very bottom being at most 2 days, so I think we can confirm this is specific to the devforum

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I’m pretty sure the forum resets somewhat often.

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What do you mean? This is totally a bug, there should be topics from at most 2 days. I only see topics from up to an hour ago.


Are you sure? My “New” tab seems to reset like once a week.

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Because there are hundreds of topics being created per day here, so they drown out old ones

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Checked this out and seems okay on my end:

It also shows topics as they are posted for me.

Are there any specific repro steps?


Yeah it takes time to update, if you look up my name in users, It would seem I would have given out less hearts or gotten less hearts, just before clicking the profile, and profiles take time to update too.

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Under the Collaboration category, I only see 11 topics. 3 of those being topics pinned by staff…

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The only repro step I can think of is that the oldest post on there was from when I first logged in since the maintenance that happened recently.

Maybe it reset what we had and hadn’t seen and it needed someone to make a post on a topic, or create a new topic, since logging in post-maintenance for it to appear.

I’ve never noticed it do this in the past though.


Has this been fixed? If it would nice if OP marked the solution. It’s at 43 topics, so I assume it has?

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We updated to the latest Discourse version during the maintenance, so it might be possible that Discourse migrated the schema that stores this information.

If you are still seeing this over the next few days please let me know.


I don’t see any bug’s

All I see is a “All Categories”

And on your side I don’t see any problem.

Hey, @Hooksmith. I appreciate your response, however, the “New” category is still not showing new posts according to my settings.


According to the category, the most recent topic is from 7 hours ago. I do love a quick staff reply though, so props to that. :slight_smile:

Please read the topic before replying.

I am saying that I don’t see any problem.

All I saw was nothing wrong.

Discourse Meta is showing topics in the new sort from up to a day ago.

But the new sort on here only shows topics from up to 7 hours ago.

Definitely something wrong here.

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I can attest to this account.

It seems that the new posts only have updated when I logged in today, but when I actively use the devforum, the new category does not update any further from when I first logged in earlier today.

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