New Cerulean Game Art [ Looking for opinions ]

Hello, everyone! I recently created a new game art for Cerulean, which I’m hoping will be my flagship game.

I’m not the best at GFX design, but I wanted everyone’s opinion on this.

Is there a particular reason on why the attachments are visible? The character itself looks plain too, you should consider add more variety to the clothing. Also too much of the uninteresting ground is shown (might want to change the angle or the terrain a bit)


I forgot to turn off Attachment visibility in Studio. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m honestly not the best at making armor to be entirely honest.

As for the terrain, it’ll be changed.

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Idk maybe you could remove the character entirely?
Although it does show off the game itself a bit more, which is good since it’s less clickbait.

If you’re going for a nice thumbnail, I’d recommend to add more FX – maybe a custom lens flare, some other things like color adjustments and stuff. Distract people from the plain character in a complex environment.

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I’d recommend looking into the rule of thumb for when you place objects and characters.

For example, the character may look better towards the right looking out into the vast land rather than being smack in the center.


I’ll look into that when I make the gameart again.

Pretty much will be taking everyone’s suggestions though. :slight_smile:

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