New Character Doesn't Have Animations

I am currently testing with switching the character of a player. I have got setting the new character and camera correct but ran into a problem. When I switch the player’s character, the new character I switched the player to doesn’t have any animations. This means it does not play the idle, walk, jump, and all other default animations a character would usually have. The character already has the local animate script inside of it that all other characters have, yet still no animations play.

Note: The new character I give to the player is parented to the workspace.

Server Script

	local guy = workspace.Ice
	game.ReplicatedStorage.Cam:FireClient(player, guy)
	player.Character = guy

Local Script

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera

	camera.CameraSubject = guy.Humanoid

Other Character’s Stuff

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Can I see the animation script?

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It’s just the default animation script that goes into every character. Go into studio, play it, then look inside your character for it.

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Are you saying you want a character to look a certain way but it is not being animated?

Partially, I am switching the player’s character to another character model, no different from a regular Roblox character. The camera goes to it and I can move as the new character model but walking, jumping, and all other animations do not play.

So first, delete your current Animate Script and add this one.

AnimateScript.rbxm (7.1 KB)


This does make it where the new character now plays all the animations but they are quite noticeably delayed. Anyway to make it not delayed?

I found it being delayed because it is a server script and not a local one. So now I need to know how to make it where the local script works. I am guessing I would have to place it somewhere else, but don’t know where that would be.

Copy the code in it and put that code in a localscript (make sure to name it Animate) and put the items in that script too.

I did and it doesn’t work, I also placed a print function at the beginning and that print didn’t print into the output which means the whole script together just doesn’t run. I think I need to place it in another spot but I don’t know where to place it.

Hmmm alright wait let me do something.

Alright I fixed it. Usually you would put it in StarterCharacterScripts but when switching players it was not respawning the character so that doesn’t work. So I disabled the local script and put it in ServerScriptService. When a player goes to another character I clone the local script, insert it into the new character, and then enable the script. Also thanks for your help.