New character GFX work

I remade my past GFX and made it better, thanks for the feedbacks in the past GFX. Here’s the new one.


I like it! The only thing I don’t really care for is the signature in the top left. I don’t know why that looks weird. Anyways, The render looks nice and the background matches the render. It is a bit simple though. Maybe try a bigger project?

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Sure! I’ll do bigger projects soon and thank you very much for your feedback.

The lighting is super cool. When I look at it the gfx pops out because of the nice lighting in the background. I don’t really see anything that stood out to me saying “this needs to be fixed”. This is a super simple gfx.

Were you trying to make the character to look mysterious? If it’s not, then I suggest you to position and improve your lighting well next time.

Rating: 6/10

I can’t really see it that well, but can I ask what that blue part is in the character’s hand?

The legs seem to not have been moved, making it seem a little stiff if that makes sense.

Also the GFX looks good, I’d give a 8.75/10.

I don’t really think it was supposed to mysterious, just by the looks of it. It seems like it has more of like an “aesthetic” look to it or it may just be a pink area, looking at the background with the pink sky.

Looks really nice, but I think that you can improve a bit that hair going through the hat!

I like it. There’s nothing negative that stood out for me.

I suggest making the render not look so stiff, and the signature at the top looks a bit out of place. Besides that, I really liked the lighting and shadows and I think you did a wonderful job!!

Some people pointed out that the watermark seems out of place, maybe moving it to the bottom right would look better