New ClickDetector event, ClickDetector.RightMouseClick

ClickDetector.RightMouseClick fires when a ClickDetector is right clicked.

The behaviour of ClickDetector.MouseClick been changed so it no longer fires on right mouse up. No more accidentally clicking a click detector when trying to move your camera :). It is also now a real click event, previously it fired on left mouse down, not left mouse click.

The behaviour of MouseHoverEnter and MouseHoverLeave should also now be more consistent/reliable.


To be honest, I thought ClickDetectors were on the verge of being deprecated.


I don’t see a reason to do so - they are much simpler to use compared to manually setting up all the script & replication machinery.


YESSSS! Thanks so much!

Like Nexus I was always under the impression that ClickDetectors were out of favor – in large part I imagine due to the age of the icon:

It’s pretty retro and doesn’t necessarily fit with modern ROBLOX games. Would definitely be great if it could receive an update and we could potentially customize the icon for individual parts (e.g. I could have a moneybag icon when mousing over a bank NPC, a dollar icon when mousing over a shop NPC, etc)


I love this change!

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@TheGamer101, like @EchoReaper mentioned it would be nice to be able to change the icon. How easy would it be for another parameter to be added that would allow us to use a decal as the image so we can set the mouse icon on hover to be whatever we want. This could be scripted to make much more unique and descriptive icons, especially if we can change the icon with scripting.

For example, someone has a closed book but if you mouse over it you get an icon that suggests opening the book cover. Once opened it can then change the icon to an icon that suggests closing the book. This would really help make click detectors a lot more viable as a professional thing that we can use.


I think we should have an Icon property for sure.


I like this idea. I will propose it internally and see if I can make this happen.



This is awesome!!

ClickDetectors don’t work on mobile now.


Forgot to post yesterday, but I had this turned off for mobile so click detectors should work as expected on mobile now.


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