New clothes Not Appearing in Catalog Search

After uploading a shirt to my group (3D Headphones 3D Headphones 3D Headphones 3D Head - Roblox), it hadn’t sold at all. I guessed that it wasn’t appearing in search, and that was correct. After waiting a day since I had first uploaded it, it still doesn’t appear.

It does, however, appear when the search includes the creator that uploaded it.

The bug occurs seemingly randomly when uploading clothes. However, it seems to happen more commonly when you upload a large amount of clothes in a short amount of time. It may have been an attempt to fix clothing spam, with me mistaking it for a bug.


… that is not a bug. If you switch your category from Relevance to Recently uploaded it should be there.

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Probably because the shirt got moderated or its still loading. I got a warning for it, when I emailed Roblox about my shirt not appearing.

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Relevance searches for clothes that match the name of what you searched best. For example, if you search “red shirt,” it will show clothes that have both “red” and “shirt” in the name at once, and then clothes that have either “red” or “shirt” in the name, but not both. Upload date doesn’t matter for searching by relevance.

Even though I have no way to prove it, I can say from experience that my clothes used to appear in relevance searches soon after they were uploaded.

It’s not a bug, its just Roblox’s search algorithm for things is a little weird, it will just show the shirts which show the words “3D” the most in the name, and a lot of shirts put a bunch of irrelevant tags in the description which also boosts its position on the catalog; when you initially click on the “Shirts” tab, it shows shirts which have made the largest amount of Robux in the past day, so that’s another way how they get boosted higher up on the “relevance” tab, but as for uploading new shirts, they’ll only appear on Recently Updated category.


That is still not a bug. I don’t know if you actually follow actual news on the search engine but it’s been proven a hundred times over that it’s broken regardless of whenever it’s in the Catalog, player search or Game search. It’s just the search engine needing optimization.

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That is only if you search “3D” specifically. If you search “3D Headphones,” the first results will be shirts that have both “3D” and “Headphones” in the name. Conveniently, a shirt by the name of “3D Headphones” has popped up in the catalog to prove my point. Notice how it appears before the shirts that spam the name, as the shirts that spam the name do not have “Headphones” in them. It also has only shown in the search recently, despite having been put for sale a week ago, meaning they also have the same bug.

Has this ever been officially announced anywhere? Again, I know from experience that is not how relevance searches used to work around 6 months ago. In addition, only some of my clothes don’t appear in relevance searches, even though others do, so that means it’s most likely not intended.


That is not the bug I am trying to describe. That is me explaining how the catalog’s relevance search works. The bug is that relevance, even though it used to work how I explained around 6 months ago, will randomly exclude some clothes from results. Clothes not appearing in relevance is not intended, so it’s a bug.