New companies inspection grounds area for GAR: CG

Hey! I’m working on a new training area, thoughts?



I like the red and black concept, and sort of “grid” feel on the walls, floor. pilliars, etc. I do think some parts could emit light to give it a further mysterious or futuristic vibe, although it look unfinished so take my suggestions with a grain of salt.

It’s inspired off of some of the new map made by @Etheroit and Vikinglaw haha

Similar to @rollinraywheelchair’s opinon, I also feel there should be some sort of light to make it look better, or the parts of the ground ground that jut out don’t look as nice.

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Looks nice overall but maybe add more details on the walls instead of it just being a grid

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This looks amazing, I love the color pallet and style. What is this for?

their display name is yes