New Constraint Visualization



Recently we released a redesign of Constraint Visualization for Studio. This change improves the experience of working with constraints. This includes:

  • Draw On Top: an option to draw the constraints on top of the geometry. With this option turned on, the visuals of the Constraints and Attachments are not obstructed by the Part geometry. They are visible even when placed deep inside opaque parts and can be selected using the mouse cursor.
  • Improved Widgets for all constraints, attachments and the WeldConstraints. The new visuals present the information more consistently.
  • Show Welds option: The ability to show or hide the WeldConstraints separately from the other constraints visuals.
  • Constraint Tooltips: when hovering over parts of the widgets a tooltip window will appear. It displays essential information and warnings about the constraint. When the “Alt” hotkey is pressed, the window will display more detailed information: name and type of the constraint, parent part, connected attachments and their parents and a description of the widget.
  • Constraint Widgets Scaling: new global scaling option to change the size of the constraint widgets (in Constraint Details mode only). Whether you are working with small parts or large parts, you can now re-scale the constraint widget to fit your workflow. You can either use the Spin Box on the Constraint tab or Alt + Mouse Wheel.
  • Attachment Handles: when a constraint is selected, two circles will appear: one black and one white. The white is positioned over the Attachment0 and black over the Attachment1. This helps to disambiguate the two attachments and makes it possible to select one or the other when both attachments are in the same location.


Why are my attachments huge
Attachments appear very large

Awesome update, especially the draw on top one!

What a coincidence, I’m also working on a constraint tank at the moment.


The new visualizations and tools have already made it much faster to work on our constraint-heavy maps! it certainly feels a lot more solid now and the fine control is greatly appreciated :grinning:


Seeing a giant green bulb constantly or not seeing anything at all was quite the trouble. Happy to see a feature that allows us to customise how visualisations are shown.


On a Sunday? Now that’s dedication!


It’s been out for a while, just announced today :slight_smile: