New Default Gun Cursors

ROBLOX has default gun cursors for their gear and other tools which includes the standard cursor, and a “reloading” variant.

I think that it would be a nice aesthetic change, to update these icons to more refined ones, I have made these in a designer program, and are almost identical, only higher resolution and more defined than the current cursors
(note these may be slightly lower resolution/quality as I used to fill in the otherwise black/transparent background)


There’s a SLIGHT resolution issue.


I like the old ones because they remind me of the old days of ROBLOX. ROBLOX is already changing enough, they don’t need to change something like this, truthfully, whether its a small aesthetic change or not.


They recently changed the spawn location decal, or rather updated.

So I mean why wouldn’t they update the mouse icon


I’m sure this is all part of that Qt5 studio asset revamp they’re planning (that also will in turn get us dark theme!)

Legit took me ages to notice what was wrong lol

The old ones will still be available. Right now the default gun cursors look really bad and low res, it’s time to bring them up to the times

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this gun cursor has been here for AGES

its annoying when it gets stuck to ur cursor after you’ve deselected a weapon tbh lol

sure it reminds me a lot of old roblox but i always found it ugly tbh


I’d be even happier with a new cursor overall

the LEAST they can do is refine it

I personally just like the icon for old times sake. ROBLOX is already changing everything, I mean, so keep at least one retro thing.

Honestly, if you want new cursors, just DIY lol

It’s pretty easy to set the property

Thats like saying make your own anthromorphic avatar. Roblox is still gonna push it and even if this does get to the developers of roblox they will probably find a better way to make this more modern as roblox advances all of their web pages and logos ect.

I don’t see the need for such a niche feature - only core gear use this cursor

It seems like a waste of engineering time

So does the anthromorphic, thats why I brought it up. This might be worth it over the anthro, and even then you could just have this saved as a file on an official roblox api or something. It helps a lot.

It’s always good to keep moving forward with development and this might just have to go along with it. Not a bad feature nor the greatest, but I do support the idea of this.

Being anti-change only holds the platform back. Not to be confused with having criticisms with a new change but the whole knee-jerk nostalgia argument has no relevance.


ok sir!!!

Oh yeah, there’s also the added fact that some ROBLOX gear keep the cursor at the “Reloading” one after you unequip it and you can only get rid of it through “magic” or rapidly clicking then unequipping.

I’m gonna use the spawn location argument.

You almost NEVER see it, but when you do, better to have it refined? You at least see the cursor more than spawn decal, might as well let it be refined. Same classic style though.

This sounds like a good idea to me. Lots of retro games and games that use free models would benefit from this.

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It’s certainly a mixed topic. Some people would want to keep the retro ‘clearly made in under 2 minutes’ style, whilst others want the design to stay more uniform across the client core gui

I’m sure that if ROBLOX get around to the icon redesign they keep hinting to for the studio dark theme, that this will be addressed then. Until then, it seems like a very small feature request :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

also please re-open your SFOTH VR demo place

So was I :stuck_out_tongue:

They keep hinting about it - it was one of the questions for the Studio Panel

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Yeah …back on topic :stuck_out_tongue: , if dark theme happens, let this happen too :slight_smile: