New devforum UI design

Hello everyone
the story began when I was too bored so I revamp the dev forum design in Roblox studio and I make this UI in under 2 hours. It turns out it looks quality more than I expected I just want your idea to improve my UI design skills if you have any ideas let me know and don’t forget to vote at the polls

Thank you

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normal and basic 8/10, keep working!

I am in no way attempting to be rude or insult your rendition, and simply wish to provide helpful feedback.
With that out the way, here’s a couple things I’d say either simply don’t fit or could use improvements.

It feels too strong, the fonts are too large and the icons look extremely thick, it feels like you’d be able to see and gather less info simply because of the resolution alone.

The overall style feels quite repetitive, with a lot of icons being reused, along with the drop down feeling like a complete copy paste of the original above.

Not everything needs smooth corners, please less smooth corners.

Thanks for the feedback I will try to improve it
and keep in mind I make this thing in under 2 hours

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I don’t mind it I would recommend trying to make it look a bit more like the new creator dashboard, as that’s what I think you are trying to go for, make sure to use the Gotham font if you are going for that style.

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There’s nothing wrong with reusing icons in all honesty, as long as it’s used in the right context.

I don’t particularly like how there’s no text weight difference, and the fact how you use the SourceSans font instead of Gotham SSm, which would fit together better imo.

Also, I think the line indicating which tab is open should just be at the bottom of a tab, instead of to the left of it.

It might also help you not to use Roblox Studio for your UI.

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