New difficulty chart obby!

I have released my 2nd difficulty chart last night, lets see if this one does as well as my last one and see if It can pass 1m visits…

Just posting this here to see if anyone can play it and send me back feedback.


Is the first diff-chart still active? If so, then i don’t think that this game would reach 1mil considering people are still playing the first game

I just released it last night. no ads nothing. I was quoting my main difficulty chart which just hit 1.1m visits. Soaring's Difficulty Chart Obby [1] - Roblox

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well, saw your post as of now, and i like how the game looks :leaves:
However, it looks pretty similar, to the first soarings difficulty chart. I know that its like a version but still. Games stages being new isnt really bad, gives more gameplay etc.
Overall good game

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I played your Soaring’s Difficulty Chart Obby 1 and I completed it, it’s probably my favourite difficulty chart obby on roblox, so I’m excited to play this game.

(Will you ever update the first one?)

i’ll be sure to check it out then!

You can advertise the second game from the first game.

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Hmmm are the UIs supposed to look like this? It’s pretty blurry on my side, not sure if anyone else is experiencing the same problem though.

The UI’s for me are also pretty blurry as well, so don’t worry!

I really adore the style, it has really pleasing colors that interests me a lot and lobbies that are really cute!


  • This stage was supposed to indicate that ice blocks exist, but the ice block looks way too similar to the normal blocks that people can easily pass through the entire difficulty chart without even knowing they exist. Try making them a different texture!

  • Some stages are a little awkward, sometimes I can’t tell what the challenge is supposed to be, maybe make it so that you’re slightly forced to interact with the primary kill brick like add a wall or other kill bricks to put them into good use.

  • Stages in the obby can be easy to cheat through, make them a little bigger for the player to take the path you want them to take. A good example could be stage 39, you made such a wonderful design but a stage that could be easily cheated with 2 jumps.


  • Add text to indicate what blocks are, at the beginning, these white blocks are supposed to represent damage bricks and the black ones were insta kill, but this white neon bloc was insta kill which was out of the ones we were familiar to.

I really love how aesthetically pleasing your difficulty chart has and how unique these obbies are! Congratulations!


The game is nice! The UI is just way to big in 1080p. This UI works on a mobile device but not a PC. Also I clicked the settings button and nothing ever showed up.

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The game is okay. It’s just your average Roblox difficulty chart obbies. But it got boring after a while since all you do jump above or on to things.

The UI also looks extremely pixelated on my screen (23 inches)


Congrats, you had me raging on orange. Amazing game though.

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Tower update actually came out yesterday, we will be adding small updates, but we actually made this as a revamp for sdco 1, but people didnt like it, so we nerfed it and made it the 2nd one

they are the best we can make them im sorry!

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