New documentation site needs search usability improvements

Searching in the new documentation site is painful. Here I outline three pieces of the searching experience that should be improved.

Problem 1
You can’t search for class members or page content. As far as I can tell it only lets you search for the page titles of classes and guides. This is a very significant regression from the old documentation site. You should be able to search class members, and you should probably be able to search the content of documentation pages e.g. to find a specific phrase or subheading.

Problem 2
Note: This is a problem with the old documentation site as well. This problem is one of the reasons why I prefer to use an external search engine.

You can’t make “invalid” searches. The search button is disabled if there are no suggestions popping up for the query written in the search box. This isn’t a problem by itself, but it is one when the search feature is not able to produce perfect results for a given query.

Usually I expect a failed search to provide me with more options by directing me to a page with various filters that are dedicated to searching e.g. the search page on this forum. This is good. I want to be helped in my search, not left staring at a wall.

(Bonus: Having a dedicated search page with a user-friendly URL will also allow us to add Roblox documentation as a search engine or bookmark in our browser. For example, Microsoft’s documentation site has a URL: (%s is the search string substitution). I use this frequently.)

Problem 3
Most pages under the Roblox Creator Documentation domain have their HTML page title as Documentation or Documentation - This makes it difficult to use external search engines.

I like to use an external search engine to perform searches on the Roblox documentation because it’s faster (I can just open my browser, press a hotkey and start typing) and because they almost always provide me with more relevant results and a better searching experience.

An example of unhelpful page titles:


Hey! Thanks for raising these search-related improvements. We’re continuing to iterate on search, and I hope you’ll start to see some of these get resolved as we go through Beta.