New experience I made, coin collecting simulator

i made this new game and i want feed back
you go around and collect coins, when you have enough you can buy away a wall
blue = diamond
yellow = coins
you need to convet coins to €

Can’t play!

But i can see game thumbnail. the thing is good!

but you need to put UICorner at the textlabel and frame. or use sizepixel to 3 [while color]

UICorner Size can be: 5
I know scripters are not good at making guis… but it still looking cool

i think i fixed that


Well. I told you my feedback! @Qin2007

Good luck!

Also stop begging to people to play your game. This against rules…

You can only send screenshots! I believe that

You need to work on the UI, and also -

You should add some background music, make the welcome gui less bright and change the name of the currency. I don’t think players like seeing a real world currency in game; use “Money” or something, but not an already existing currency.

Just my opinion.

Also you should make the gamplay more unique: all you do is just run around and collect coins forever. This won’t keep people in your game for long.

Did he advertise it in other posts? This is topic is posted in “creations feedback” so it’s likely for people to post their games here, because it’s mostly the purpose here.

What? Its a feedback channel, of course you can ask people to play your game, he asked for feedback,

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