[NEW] Feedback on GFX


I just made a new GFX! What do you think of it? Do you have any ideas for improvements?

~The GFX~

Thank you for the Feedback


Cool, I do like the visuals here like what you did with the screen glare and the dirt. You could even see the comic like FX on the tank, the reflections on it as well. Although I do think this image could be a little bit more darker and should have more actual war happening like fire roaring through the air. Overall, 8.2/10.

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Is everything modeled by u? Give the soldier some recoil

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I like this.


The soldier needs recoil.


The detail itself looks great, however maybe add another soldier because there’s many spaces near the tank, plus I do believe it’s also fine even without the solider but add more things near it. I also would like to say that maybe you should also add barbed wires on some areas in the GFX scene, overall it’s great with the scenery, and last maybe add some lighting in the back of the tank to make it look like an explosion, to make it look better.


its really nice except the guy has some weird posing he’s holding with one hand other hand does nothing and then the posing isn’t great and somethings don’t blender with hte sand, other than that the smoke and comets or whatever and effects like that need improvement, but its good otherwise, except for maybe weird water and terrain. 6.75/10

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Wow, really really nice gfx, I love it

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This looks amazing!!

  • I like everything in this. From compositing overlays, effects and lighting! the only thing is the tank looks really big for some reason or it’s just the camera angle. But I really love these types of GFXs, Keep it up bro!
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Actually I feel tank is quite small compared to soldier. Never seen such small tank in real life

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Pretty cool work. One thing to note is realism, try possibly making the soldier hold the Tommygun with two hands. Other than that, really nice!
Well done, love to see more about your work!

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