New Fishing System For Roblox Crossing

Look at the cool new Fishing System for Roblox Crossing!

Roblox Crossing is a game under development. It is based off of the popular Nintendo series Animal Crossing!

If you would like to see more features from this game check out this post:
Animal Crossing Like Game


This is cool! Maybe you should make it so when the name appears on the text, it has a color for the rarity. Like green color = common etc.

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Those’re some stiff animations, I assume they’re placeholders though. Maybe change the fishing line to a string to get more natural movement? That’d also let you just use physics to handle how the rod moves based on water current.

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This is pretty awesome! Animations are a bit janky and I hope there are chances of getting types of fish or getting nothing, I’d also suggest adding bobbing for the fishing line.

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