New Focus After Paste/Duplicate Does Not Work With F2

Situation: Item is pasted, pasted into, or duplicated. New object is now selected (both visibly in explorer and through the Selection service). User then presses F2 to rename the new object.
Expected behavior: New is renamed
Actual behavior: Old object is renamed

How often does this happen? Constantly.

Repo Steps

  1. Create a Part
  2. Copy+paste, copy+paste into, or duplicate the Part. Both keyboard shortcuts and right-click menu work.
  3. Note how the new part is selected. You can use print(game:GetService("Selection"):Get()[1]:GetFullName()) to verify this, but that will break the next step. This can also be run after the next step.
  4. Press F2 to rename the part. Note that the old part is being renamed, not the new and currently selected one.
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