New form category for non-technical bug reports


So recently I made a post in #forum-help:forum-bugs about an issue me and a few devs have had with the DevFourm appeal system. Now this post was moved out of the forum bugs due to it being “for technical bugs” which is fair and makes sense but the thing is there is no real way to post things that are non-technical but still is in regards to issues with the DevForum.

I was told in the post by @Hooksmith to post non-technical bugs in #forum-help:forum-features however if you check the “About the Forum Features category” post it says “Use this category to request Developer Forum features and changes that would improve your user experience while using the Developer Forum.” and nothing about non-technical bugs. This is not a massive issue until Roblox dev engagement team who deals with forum moderation takes down your post due to it being off-topic for the category?

Now I am going to be honest I am not sure about how many non-technical bugs there would be but there is still nowhere to place non-technical bugs.

Something else I would recommend however is to remove the “other issues” part of the post talking about what should be posted in #forum-help:forum-bugs because that speculates that any form-related issues should go in #forum-help:forum-bugs not just technical issues. I do understand that under this it says about that non-technical issues should not be posted there but still if someone where just to read the first line (which is a possible common thing) then they may post there accidentally. I also don’t personally massively see a point to the “other issues” part because the technical bugs part should cover most things posted there.


Adjusted category description of #forum-help:forum-bugs.

Please use #forum-help:forum-features for reporting non-technical issues.