New forum rule ideas!

Do you think there should be a forum rule to make sure you do your research before posting a problem of yours and don’t heart people’s posts explaining a problem without answering?

I hate it when people send things like, “How do I check what role someone is in my group,” because you can easily look that up on YouTube or your web browser, and get an answer in literally less than 10 seconds. But then sometimes by the time you answer them, they’ll say they already figured it out. It should go research, then dev forum post, not dev forum post, then research. But when I make a dev forum post, I make sure I went over my problem over and over before posting, and researched the best I could, which I expected everyone else to do, but I guess not.

It really gets my hopes up when I get a notification for a dev forum post of mine, just to see they hearted my… problem… It’s like someone telling you their life is an agony and you tell them, “I love that!”


It is annoying when most of the time if I don’t know the answer to a question someone has I just search on google and legit find it easy but I don’t really think it should be a rule tbh.

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It shouldn’t be bannable, possibly warnable. There should be a private discussion room that Roblox has where moderators can ask each other if this is warnable or stuff like that.

This is too strict in my opinion. It’s just a simple heart icon that doesn’t really mean anything.


I would say in some cases this would be good idea, but almost everything is available to find online or on the forums. But some people cannot find it due to how it would be labeled or named, so the forums are here for people to give Feedback/Question Assistance/Hiring/Ect. You’re not obligated to answer everyone, but if you find someone asking a simple question that you could easily find when looked up just avoid the forum post and move on.

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The forum is pretty strict anyway, and if this was added it could just be a pointer in red text you would see when making a post

Rules won’t stop people from doing this + too many rules guarantees nobody will read any of the rules.


Yeah, its weird how people do that and they say its faster

But making people follow the rules is hard

Oof, i cropped that weirdly


Making them follow the rule takes warnings. But if you get flagged for being a hint off topic in a dev forum post, then they can definitely do something about these people.

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But the problem you are having is with people just hearting existing topics, your ‘solution’ of adding it to the default text when creating a new post doesn’t solve anything.

Not as strict as what you are suggesting, you are practically saying that pressing a single button - the heart button (that is very well clickable) should be against the rules.

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I was flagged for two messages in the same post for being off topic although I wasn’t off topic a single bit. I was trying to help out the guy! I didn’t know an engineer commented either so I kept replying to ppl who replied to me