New FPS with interesting gameplay mechanics! Looking for feedback and testers!

I want to showcase a project of mine that has been in the works for over a year now, and I am more than happy to present what I’ve managed to achieve so far and also ask you, the community, for a favor.

CASHMINER is a team based FPS with completely destructible environments and objective based gameplay. The core gameplay loop is complete and ready for testing which means I need you to come and play the game. More about that later, let me first tell you what the game is all about.

Keep in mind some features are in early stages of development and are subject to changes. Nothing shown here is final.

The environment

  1. Procedurally generated.

    This means that every single round of the game a completely brand-new cave map is generated. You will never run into a duplicate. From the layout of the terrain, to the very last position of a plant, rock and ore, it’s unique. Currently, two biomes are available, with more planned.
    The system behind this is very robust, and configurable. Everything can be customized per biome, from the basic materials and objects to how spacious caves are, what color the fog and dust is, how rare is each type of object, etc… This means even more variety can be easily implemented down the road.

  2. Completely destructible.

    Every single thing is destructible, the terrain, the plants, the rocks, the ores and anything else you see. The only exceptions are the map border and objectives(for obvious reasons). Take advantage of your pickaxe to collect various materials or dig your way to anywhere. Weapons can also be used to manipulate the terrain!

The equipment

  1. Grappling hook

    You can use your grappling hook anytime as a powerful movement tool. Use it to get around the steep caves and with some practice it can be used to get you out of any predicament.

  2. Jetpack

    The jetpack is a simple addition alongside the grappling hook. Unfortunately, the miners still haven’t figured out the tech required to move with it, but good news! You can use it to float mid-air anytime you want, which is very useful for mining ores and getting around.

  3. Pickaxe

    Your new best friend. It chews through anything, even players, but the most important part is that it allows you to gather ores. That’s your job after all.

  4. Weapons

    Unlock and use an arsenal of weapons to eliminate the opposing team and take their precious items or to defend yourself from the exact same thing. A huge variety of weapons is planned, so you have the complete control over how you want to take out the enemy. Find what suits your play style and stick to it, or experiment and use whatever seems cool.

I won’t reveal much more now, hopefully this was enough to grab your attention!

This project was created from the ground-up by me as the sole developer. It was a huge learning process hence why it took so long to get it to this stage. However, I am happy with the direction it is going in, but it is crucial for it to be tested at this stage. No multiplayer shooter can come alive without the players and as you might have noticed, it looks pretty lonely right now!

If you’re interested in playing, read the following:

  1. The first play test will be in the following two to three days after this post. Exact date and time alongside other info will be posted on the Discord server.
  2. You must be 13+ to participate, at least for now, as I find it crucial to have communication over Discord to organize the testing and get feedback.
  3. To participate, join the official Discord server, which can be found in the official group’s social links! Triankle - Roblox Once you have joined, drop a message into the according channel.
    NOTE: Please keep in mind I do not know how many players will apply, I might need to limit the amount of people per play test to have a more controlled environment.
    EDIT: Testing is still more than active please join if you are interested!

Thank you for your time and attention! Any feedback or questions you have about the game are more than welcome.

Oh and also, here are some higher res screenshots since the gifs are highly compressed!



This is amazing, good job! I really like this FPS project. Everything looks awesome. Would be nice if i could test it. Keep up the good work.


Thank you and good news! If you can hop into the Discord you will be set for testing! The link is at the bottom of the post.

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Wow, this is amazing! The custom characters, the mining, the map, everything is just stunning. :palms_up_together: There’s honestly nothing I can say negative about this. My favorite thing is the mining, the parts that fall out were super creative. I’d love to help test!


Now this is a fps that will be fun, will there be a fov setting?


Very unique idea :+1: Do the ores work as points to win the game or something more outside the main game, such as a currency to buy weapons/skins


Thank you! So happy to hear that and glad to see you in the Discord.


Good news, there already is!

Here is the maximum FOV setting of 110.

Keep in mind it also extends up to 120 while using the grappling hook for speed effects!

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They should serve a purpose as both. Don’t want to reveal the exact game loop yet, but let’s say you compete by mining ores. Then a part of that cash based on your performance in the round itself is rewarded as currency for weapons/skins, etc…

That UI gives off old mining game vibes I like ittt

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I don’t know which UIs you’re exactly referencing, but I am going for a retro vibe through the whole game. Kind of a voxel/pixely combo.

So happy that you like the UI too, spent a lot of time trying to make it look nice

Reminds me of azure mines I think it was called and the old miners haven UI I like it.

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Wow, this look really cool! Good job!

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As many others may have already said, it’s pretty unique. I like the concept of it. Most importantly, I’d definitely check it out when it releases.


okay, just two syllables: POGGERS

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This looks cool if you need testers i’ve got a bunch of boys willing to play

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I’m in the discord and have applied for testing

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Sounds great! Hop into the Discord and I’ll get you all sorted!

That looks awesome and more maps forever without taking long. One thing that sucks is not being able to break pieces off of a mesh part hopefully Roblox adds it. One question why did you make the grapple hook like a rope swing instead of a straight forward pull towards the position.

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Hey, thank you for the reply, happy to hear it looks awesome.

It would be a great addition, however manipulating a mesh dynamically is rather complicated to implement and surely has performance costs. We are seeing a step in the right direction however, with skinned meshparts and other new features. This is why I had to manually create a model for the large ores which is already split into 8 parts and they simply get detached once you mine the node.

When implementing the grappling hook I wanted to add skill based movement to the game. Creating a straight pull grappling hook would simply make it move you directly towards that position without any flexibility.
The beauty of the current system is being able to chain your grapple movements together while trying to balance height, speed and aiming for the right object. Also, it still feels pretty stiff while playing, maybe the gif is a bit deceiving.