New: Fruits and Tools Stand

I need some Feedback on my Stands.


Please tell me what needs and can be fixed. :slight_smile:
(Criticism Needed)


These Look Very Nice!
I don’t have any criticism.

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Maybe change the texture oft he top to fabric :slight_smile: . in general it’s pretty well done

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I changed it to fabric but it looked too dark and didnt look so good either.

The fruit stand is great, but I wouldn’t reach into a bin full of sharp objects. Maybe make a weapon rack and display case for the weapons shop.


You could thicken up the stand and add extra details. Maybe make the top part curved using a plugin. Other than that it’s pretty good.

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Top part is curved

I see that but I mean off the edges so it’s not so flat, then i would add ropes or something going to the ground so it’s more supported.

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No criticism…
It’s nice, but I feel like the wood doesn’t fit with the stand. I recommend using the low-ploy smooth plastic if needed. Otherwise, your model looks good!

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