New Game Concept

Hear me out, what if there’s a game that is similar to a battle ground fighting game. BUT! The players can insert their models such as tools or combat scripts and displaying their creativity and coding towards others? In a fair fight! It’s a good concept however the downsides are… well… bad.

But hey! Let me hear your guys thoughts about this concept experience!

Edit: Thanks for your feedback, just an idea that up from my mind while scripting


If it is a recreation of another game then I would first get permission from the original owners of
The game.

People when losing:

for i, v in game:GetDescendants() do
    pcall(v.Destroy, v)

So basically allowing exploits again

People are gonna do some pretty sus things if this was a game lol

Also how would they animate it

This seems a lot like the old Insert Wars games. They were fun but as others have said, people will insert infected & dangerous assets into your game.

Or how about the ability to create attacks with a pre-coded code block editor?

basically meaning people can make their own attacks, but theres still a limit to how much they can do, which is limited by the functions of the code blocks


I thought about this before, but it’s going to be a lot of work

I think this is a cute idea, id say adding like pre-set scripts players can add would be a way to get around the issue of exploiting, sort of like how you can piece script puzzle pieces together in scratch.
not sure how far of a game you’d want this to go, but you could add like a shop system where players can unlock certain script modules?

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For the scripts, you can use SLVM to allow the player to script in the game. Alternatively there is a Lua parser in the works that will have more functionality than SLVM. The parser is currently being worked on by developers, and you can contact @edozune for more info.

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It’s an idea that will just end badly.

Anyone can make an exploit that can spawn kill everyone without end or worse, Those exploiters could end up doxxing everyone in the entire server.

Also, just like dauser said.

The best you could do is getting thier country.