New game concepts: Pirate MMORPG

Here folks, I present to you a cool game idea. ( Feel free to snatch it )

You start off in a nimble ship sailing the seven seas. You can battle other ships at your leisure, and earn gold to purchase ship upgrades such as crew mates, cannons, and even new ships! You earn gold by sinking other ships, doing quests from NPCs on islands/settlements, etc. Alliances can be formed with other players to assist you in large-scale battles, and if needed, in quests.

(Apologies for the excessive usage of “You” at the beginning of sentences.)


RIP game concept

I’ll try to make the next one better.

I’m not even kidding when I say that I had an idea pretty close to this a while ago :joy:

I would have completed it but I lost interest pretty fast due to other projects of mine. I really like this idea!

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Thanks, it’s a very interesting idea that hasn’t seem to have been executed. It is quite a hard game to make, but I hope the concept comes to fruition!

The idea sounds pretty good, not many pirate games on roblox too.

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yo, imagine a pirate game with stands from jojo :flushed:

Ikr that would be amazing. Sorry for the late response

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