New Game Feedback!

Hello everyone! I have a game called “Builderman’s Toybox!” and i’ve been getting down votes, but I don’t know why. Can anyone give feedback on my game to tell me what to fix? Builderman's Toybox! - Roblox


You will always get people that dislike your games. Also, the game is basically unplayable on phone or at least very hard to play so that might be part of the reason. The game itself was pretty cool but there wasn’t really anything to do expect drive cars (correct me if I’m wrong)


Also, I don’t really know but I don’t think this belongs in Cool Creations, probably wrong though.


I personally enjoyed your game because well… it’s old roblox. I love nostalgic games.
To me, your game doesn’t feel like a game. It seems more like a showcase for older players like myself. There are other games showcasing older roblox so your game may be overlooked.
I experienced lag spikes and I’m not sure why. Zooming out, jumping and the mouse lagged to me. I would suggest adding old roblox sound effects and the chat bubble (if it applies to this era)

Overall your game is good.You won’t gain the interest of newer players because they don’t care about old roblox. As @R02_0 said… people will dislike your game. I’m aware your game is 2 yrs old but newer games generally get bombarded with dislikes. Try to fix the lag and make your game more playable and maybe advertise it.
Good job and goodluck.


My opinion is: If you want your game looking like old games you have to add some modern features to make it more enjoyable.
What I liked: You can see old buildings there. I enjoyed a trip way back to early stages of ROBLOX. I’m a new player on ROBLOX, I started playing in 2017 so it was cool for me to see how the game looked back there.
What I disliked: As @R02_0 said it’s unplayable on phone, it have got this mouse that when you click you move (too old feature for me), the game lags sometimes and in my opinion it should have a little brighter textures.

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Thank you all for this feed back. It helps me so much.

Well yeah, I’m actually using this game as a sneak peek at my new game that I am making. The point is to really just hangout and feel the nostolgia.

The lag is very mysterious lag as there is no script bug or rendering problem. I’m making a system to where I can cut down all the processing power required to run the game.

The map seems a little large and while I didn’t explore your game a whole lot it could’ve been different reasons… maybe it’s everything altogether. When I first joined I thought it was the mouse.

It probably doesn’t work as well on mobile because the OG robox was not on mobile and wasn’t intended to be.
Hope this helped

Yes I have seen a problem and I decided to make this a computer only game. Because it runs all together better on computer

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