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Ello there recently (yesterday) I made an obbyy which is doing pretty well it has generated 630 bobux and I have become al little bored of making levels for an obby constantly plus I think it would be nice to have 2 running games at once which I work on so I have a selection on what to do, I use a Roblox pistol but its because I defiantly can’t make them, I want advice on what I could do with the map.

Also do you think I should user my skills as a terrain designer to make the map or stick to a ‘blocky’ map.

The game:


Accidentally didn’t make it go public fixed

I like the game so far and left a like on it.

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If you made 630 robux from your obby I will definetely be putting a donation button in my games lol! Anyways, you should add something to add to the sides of the small map, so that it doesnt look too weird. You could try some trees and some buildings and just overall some more detail to the terrain. Good luck.

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Update - 1.01

Made an entirely new map!

hey there! The only problem I can find is that people can’t click on the donation buttons because it is stuck in third person. Otherwise, great game!

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Thanks for pointing that out to me!

Can people give me ideas on which pistol I could use? Including a link thanks!

Honestly, i dont really like the game,
the guns, the house and the trees are free models. You should build more yourself.
Its ok to start with a simple house, not perfect but built by you
Your game must be unique and not composed of other peoples works.
I wish you to build more and to keep up the good work!

All those are placeholders I’m just getting the basics finished first

Alright gotcha!
good luck


I’d say this is a great game! I like the overall idea as well! I think you did a fantastic job on this game!

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Game no longer developed as I would like to focus on my obby and another game im planning on developing.