New game I made, tell me some feedback

So I published this game called Spleef of Glory for some feedback, It’s still not finished as it is currently in Alpha.

The idea is that It’s a normal Spleef game but you spawn with swords and there’s kill bricks to make it harder. Spleef of Glory (ALPHA) - Roblox

Hello. Is the message supposed to be not in the center?

Yes, I was trying to fix that but due to a blackout I couldn’t, I will try fixing it when I can

To fix it you should use Scale instead of offset.

Scale in studio:

Scale in game:

Offset in studio:

Offset in game:

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Alright, I will try fixing that, thanks a lot!

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Overall, the game is well made; however, I do have some suggestions

  • Rather than picking up a sword at the start of round, player should spawn with one. This ensures that every player gets a sword.
  • If the above were implemented, the safe blocks should be removed.
  • Currently, kill bricks seem to set your health to 50 rather than dealing 50 damage.
  • Once all player have died, the round should automatically end.
  • Once players are teleported into the round, the game status changes to, “Starting round in”. This countdown is not necessary.
  • Even if you not in the round, you are reset once the round ends. This can be solved by creating different teams for spectators and players.
  • There are invisible barrier for the inside border of the lobby. I would consider adding these to the outside border as well.
  • Personally, instead of having layers and having blocks reappear, I would only pick one to shorten the rounds.

Ok, thanks for your feedback! I will keep this in mind.