New game icon design

Hey, I am tried to make icon with planet. I am waiting for rates on it.



I am doing it for 30 robux, If need DM me in discord. :smiley:


It’s okay but it needs a little bit more shade because the dark spot on the rings are the same shade as the bottom.

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To be honest with you the icon is really good, probably better than what I could do ;), but it has a big lack of lightning and color, so if I were you, I’d add more color and texture to the logo to really make it stand out

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Maybe try to “bend” the Space text around the planet a little bit? I don’t know what you use but if you have photoshop just warp it a lil’. Other then that, it’s pretty well done :smiley:

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The text doesn’t have any anti-aliasing and it’s just pixel while the planet is entirely anti-aliasing. Maybe make it both pixelated and it would fit the style?
It’s good anyway!

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I am use photoshop, but I not know how to bend, I only know how to bend text :slight_smile:

I not know how it happend, but my photoshop got broken at last part: text, and everything was become pixel, I am now re dowland photoshop.