New game idea. idk what to do

so it is basically a game where if you have a bad day you can join and look at some meme to make you feel better, IDK if there is another game like this but I want to know the people’s feedback. you can also hang out with other people. and you can send memes to be in the game if you want. I know this is a bad idea but I don’t have the ability to make a game that is very good, I have good game ideas but I cant make them happen.

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Is there any way I could help?

IDK even know how i will make the slide thing or the next button so that is going to be the worst art i guess.

idk. usually when i come to this devfourn 90% of the time the help I get wont help me because I don’t understand. so idk, it is your choice. i also cant pay anything.

wouldn’t you want to try to learn scripting so you could make the game?

oh i gave up on that, trying for 6 month on scripting and not able to do it is basically all i need to know that i wont learn.

no no I’m not looking for paid jobs or anything.
I’m asking if you needed help on a specific aspect in your game like a mechanism you might want to understand and make on your own or something like that.

the only thing i can see that i need help is with the GUI, but then again idk were I will encounter a problem.

There’s kinda no problem with UI, you can play around with it and get the hang of it like I did.
It’s pretty simple!
There’s also tons of tutorials on YouTube explaining UI elements and how to use them.

Whenever I have a good idea for something that would require scripting, I try making it without scripting.

You could make the game start in a simple room with a sign saying something like, “today hasn’t been a good day for you, let’s see if there’s anything that can make it better.” Then, in the next room, it’s just
some weird meme, then in the room after that, it says something like, “congrats, your day is better now.”
Then the game ends there.

You could add more to this idea if you want.

great i run into a problem now.