New game logo/icon

My friend just made a logo for my new game, any thoughts??


Whatever happened to creativity what is wrong with this world…

All I’m gonna say: copyright infringement


The text is illegible against the background, and the resolution of the icon is low. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this image looks AI generated. You may want to consider a different art style if you’re going to use this for a Roblox game.


If we’re just talking about the image in general, then I would guess that your friend just took a screenshot from One Piece, and then put some text over it.

And what @lElderBerry said, this is breaking copyright law and probably the only reason why there is other games with characters from One Piece on Roblox is because they don’t know about it.

You should tell your friend to be original.


What do you mean???
Is it stolen?

The image is small because I picked it off the icon, the original image is on my old computer

Can barely notice the text, and it doesn’t fit Roblox at all, I know that’s what most people want nowadays with all the realism but they meant other games, not other assets. This looks like a profile picture.

Maybe use a roblox version of the character and make the text just a tiny bit more cartoony (obviously not too cartoony, this isn’t clicker simulator)

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The whole image is genuinely drawn (I would know cause I’ve watched ALL of one piece), I will let him know about being original, thanks for the feedback

You really thought your friend made that character all by himself?

No, I know he drew it, I saw it myself

Don’t know what you saw, but it was fake. Did you see him draw it or *just *add the barely noticeable black text on-top?


Literally, even the game it is ripping off of has the original guy.

Your friend certainly is not the best at creating icons, is he?

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It’s clearly not from the show itself, they’re not gonna spend several hours for each goddamn frame, but your friend did not draw it. It’s not just about being original, it’s also about making the icon himself. Yeah who cares about the idea being stolen, it’s roblox :rofl: . We are talking about the icon drawing itself.

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It’s not good. The text is unreadable (too small and with no outline), and the background is stolen/unoriginal (copyright).

Still falls under copyright infringement

This and every other Roblox game available; if I can give my 2 cents, I’d say a more simplistic drawing would suite roblox better instead of this - the font and the text color itself doesn’t contrast enough, which in turn leads to an undesirable set of visibility.

Also, whether or not it is stolen/ai generated (which is basically the same thing here) doesn’t matter; this game is targeting 9, maybe 13 year olds at most. Honestly speaking, they won’t really care - more so about visibility and it being clear enough.