New game page section to showcase well made, little known games

I think that if a new section were added to the games page a lot of small devs could really make a go at the front page. Right now, if you want a game on the front page you have to be a genius, which frankly I don’t think most of us are. However, I propose that another section be added to the games page that lists well made games. To get into this page your game would need to meet these requirements:

– the game is in a functional state
– the game has a high thumbs up to thumbs down ratio
– there are LESS than so many players on at once (maybe 100 for now. This would exclude front page games as that defeats the purpose of this new section)
– the devs (or moderators) on this forum must agree that this is a game worthy of being on that page (maybe a new subforum could be created here to submit possible games.)
– their game has to have at least so many visits (maybe a few hundred?)

If you have any suggestions on how this might be made better please leave a reply :slight_smile:

I honestly thought this was what the recommended section would be.

But I agree with this totally! Except the 100 player online thing. There are some serious quality games out there that are very popular. Such as, Murder (sometimes has 100+ online) by clonetrooper or even MPB.

This is just my opinion. Thanks!

I wouldn’t mind if the max players was higher, like a few hundred. The main point of the section would be to get small, well made games some publicity. Of course there would have to be some way for them to transition off of this section and onto the front page and I am not entirely sure how this would work. Maybe someone else has an idea?

But as soon as they hit the front page they will have over a few hundred players… So they’ll really only be there for like 30 seconds at the most, lol.

But as soon as they hit the front page they will have over a few hundred players… So they’ll really only be there for like 30 seconds at the most, lol.[/quote]

Not exactly, there’s always a few games on the front page with sub-100 players, but they’re usually the bait and switch ones. If we can get those off and put on quality games then I’d probably actually visit the front page more often

This is a fantastic idea.

It makes sense to do now, even though they said they didn’t want to in the past.
“Favoritism” is no longer an issue by the time ROBLOX has gone and picked SuperModelers. They may as well do the same with place assets.

Too much work to make sure it’s kept updated. What determines the order games are listed? Do games eventually “expire” and stop showing up?

Maybe they would expire if their rating went bad or they had too many players (they would then at least be somewhere near the front page). Also, they might be listed by the number of current players or by their thumbs up to thumbs down ratio.

This is a great idea, but as Aurarus said, will they be able to keep it up to date? Also, how would the little know games get found in the first place? Like, the owner submitting them or RBXDev members stumbling upon them or what?

Like I said, it’s a great idea, but needs a bit more thought

Maybe one of the admins could set up something like what they are using for submitting endorsed models. However; it could be either for RBX devs only or maybe it could be posted on the normal forums and people could submit their games through that. However, there would be a lot of criteria that the game would have to meet first. The main thing is that the game is in a playable state. Once a game is submitted RBX Devs could say wether they liked the places or not. If a game got a lot of support it would be added.

This was the point of Top Rated. Fixing top rated would be easier than making a whole new section.

Or it could be like the featured section on the old website, where a list of specific popular games were cycled through at random.