New Game! (Please test!)

Hi! I’ve made a new game. For people that play UNDERTALE, you might like this game. This game doesn’t receive much attention, so if you don’t get an opponent right away, please wait a few seconds for someone to join you. This is a fan game of an already existing Sans vs Chara game by OyunKlavuzu. I just tweaked the game so it could have more characters and all of that. If you any suggestions of how I should improve the game, please let me know! I hope you like it. Not many free characters exist, sorry about that! I promise they’ll be added in the future!

– Game Link: (NEW UPGRADES!) Sans vs Chara [EXTRA] - Roblox


You should start by improving the game’s artwork, the first one shows almost nothing (too much darkness), the second one is a stretched out image, both of them are in no way appealing in a specific way

Went into the game, the buttons do not attract and colors as if chosen not in the combination of the game (The menu selections “cut the eyes” at all)… Only when entering the game is already a bug - can not move and can not choose a character

Second bug, Sans selection button is gone for no reason after 40 seconds of standing… Also why I actually have to type number of volume I want? Consider something else…

If the game is made solely on a toolbox, then sorry, it’s primitive and can’t be attractive-unique in any way, it just doesn’t make sense.

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Sorry for the bad experience. What do you suggest I do? I understand the artwork. I realized that they were too dark as well. Also, please note that you can’t just pick characters. You must unlock them first because some Sans’ are stronger than others. The button colors are also based off of the character that you are selecting’s clothing. You’re also not supposed to be able to move because that’s not how the original game works. The sans selection button also doesn’t disappear to my knowledge as I have tested it for longer than 40 seconds and it hasn’t gone away. The only time the UI will disappear is if you select the “Hide UI” button. What do you suggest I do for the volume? I figured the easiest method would be to type the volume that you want.

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If you need good example of hard work and thoughtfully designed game, look for “undertale dummies mania”, where the same anti-cheat works better than in 98% of popular “discovery” games, or at least the design of buttons, menus and inventory is not at the level of 5 minute work