New game TESTERS NEEDED criticism would be kindly appreciated

A game i’ve been working on for close to a month is not done, but its playable. therefore i can get testers and i need the feedback so i know if i should keep developing it.

Also if any graphics designer wants to help out for a percentage cut contact me on my discord

Game link -

sorry but there is a few bugs, and dont purchase any passes from the shop. only purchase that currently works is the random trail giver. and i wouldn’t recommend it because i might change the data storage on release


It seems a very unique concept and is enjoyable. Music reminds me of the macarena.

I find it a bit hard to press the shift button with the space. Maybe left/right mouse button controls could be added as an alternate?

In terms of continued development, in general single player platformer types tend not to perform so well on Roblox, but if you’re enjoying it then there’s no reason to stop!

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I love the idea of it! First thing is to make modern Guis. Also, make the shift for both sides of the keyboard, (in case if someones left shift is broken). And maybe make a button on mobile called shift, and so when they hit it, same thing as if you hit shift on the keyboard. I think this may have a good amount of potential. Great game! :slightly_smiling_face:


This is really great! Very origional and I really like it! Only reccomend making the tutorial kinda better? I didn’t understand it at first, just after like 8 minutes. But from that very great!

Edit: After playing some more I noticed sometimes the color switch broke and you sometimes just noclip though the floor. Also sometimes the winner brick didn’t worked.

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good gameplay! but it will be boring after a few replays, my suggestions is to adds power-ups or special skills or monsters, you could add power-ups like higher jump, so the player would jump higher when the player touches the power-ups, you could also adds some competition so the player can compete with each other, and the winner would get a prize!

or monsters that will try to shoot the player!

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Thank you for playing my game! i really appreciate the feedback. but i have experiments with the buttons and mouse click is to long to code because you obviously need click on buttons like in the menu and game so its kind of an inconvenience. any other button suggestions tho?

Thank you for the feedback, yeh the guis like leader board,menu and so on are just placeholders for when the game is finished. like i said it s only just playable atm. I am eventually going to make it compatible for phone. ill make it so right side of the screen tap is jump and left side is colour change. thanks for the positivity

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tutorial i made this morning. im going to make a new level which is super easy. the first 2 levels are almost the hardest 2 so that’s my bad. im going to redo the tutorial tonight so thankyou for the comment

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Thank you, i know the concept is very repetitive i didn’t think of that. i did experiment with power ups, in lighting i currently have an experimental speed boost which i am hoping to introduce in later levels.maybe your onto something with the high jumping and such. i am going to have a global leader board but im worried about exploiters ygm. also i don’t think i can have monsters because it’d ruin the simplicity and militaristic route i have take for the game

You’re welcome! (I am also already addicted to your game exited for the official release lol)

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Your game is okay. 1 accident = instant death which I find to be a little unfair.

I feel it’d get boring after a while so try to add more to it.

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ye it does need alot of stuff to be added, the game no where near completion

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This game is AMAZING! I love the mechanics the game type, my only problem is the gui.

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It is very good! You should continue on this game and also you should make thumbnails and icons.

Also the main gui needs to be different.

Hey! :ghost:
The gameplay is fine for one player. Once you start adding more than one player per lane, it gets chaotic and hard to focus on just yourself.
I would recommend making a separate lane for each player or just making the servers solo player. If you want to keep a bunch of players on one lane, then I suggest making races or competitions for the players to earn currency or points.
The game needs more obstacles. Just jumping over black parts isn’t going to attract players for a long period of time. Try adding spikes, random parts falling from the sky, and having the ground disappear for a couple of seconds.
Disable shiftlock. I had so many problems with the color changes and shiftlock being in the way. Instead of making the player manual disable it themselves, just save them a minute and do it yourself.
Color switching in the tutorial. You say ‘Shift to change colors’ and not only myself, but the person I was in the game with, hit shift when the GUI first came up and not on the new color. Add a countdown until you want the player to hit shift or don’t have the GUI pop-up so early.
More lives. Each player should start off with three hearts. Before the start of each game, you could have a GUI pop-up asking if they want to buy more hearts.
Loading screen. The loading screen is quite boring. Add some facts about the game or add a loading arrow (not sure what they are called, but the spinning circles on a loading screen).
As stated before and I won’t go much into this, but the UIs are poor quality. In the shop > Outfit, one of the outfits is different than the rest. It’s not on a character, but rather in the form of the original shirt design.

This might be an error, but in the image shown above, you have the arrows used in studio. Either edit them out, or get a professional to take them for you.
Add an ability to skip the tutorial. I rather play the game and test it out myself than to let the game give me a tutorial. The players should always get the option to skip and do whatever they like, not what you would like them to do.
Once you pass a level, the game doesn’t stop you fully and you keep running off the edge of the platform.
When I completed the tutorial, the game was stuck on an image of the skyblock. Make it so the game automatically sends you to the next game, not the sky.
The music doesn’t fit the overall theme of the game. It sounds more vicious than sweet and soft like the actual gameplay.
As for continuing it, you should always continue your games until they are complete, no matter if people hate it as long as you enjoy playing it yourself.
Hope this helps.
FallinqSnowFlake :upside_down_face: